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About:clean is a clean web page constructed into net browsers. Proven when a browser has nothing to indicate you. To take away about:clean whenever you begin your browser, go to your browser settings and alter the about:clean dwelling web page to a unique deal with, or the brand new tab display.

When you see clean “about:” in your net browser’s deal with bar, you might be viewing an empty web page constructed into your net browser. It’s a part of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Web Explorer and different browsers.

There’s nothing flawed with about:clean. Many individuals select to make use of about:clean as their dwelling web page, guaranteeing that their net browser all the time opens to a clean, empty display. In case your net browser all the time opens with about:clean and you do not prefer it, we’ll present you learn how to stop that from taking place.

What’s it: clean?

This can be a clean web page constructed into your net browser. The “about:” a part of the deal with tells the browser to show embedded inner net pages. For instance, in Chrome, you possibly can sort about:settings within the deal with bar to open the Settings web page or about:downloads to see the record of Chrome file downloads.

If you sort about:clean within the deal with bar and hit Enter, your net browser will load an empty web page with nothing on it. This web page just isn’t from the Web, it’s built-in into your net browser.

Why is about:clean helpful?

Many individuals use about:clean as their dwelling web page. This offers you an empty web page each time you open your browser.

To perform this, all it’s important to do is go into your browser settings and inform it to open with “about:clean” as an alternative of one other net web page.

Net browsers also can open the clean about: clean web page if they begin and do not know what else to show. In spite of everything, a browser all the time has to show one thing, and loading about:clean is one technique to show a clean web page.

Is it a virus or malware?

The about:clean web page just isn’t malware or something harmful. Nevertheless, if you’re involved that your pc may need malware, we suggest that you just run a scan with the anti-malware program of your alternative.

We like Malwarebytes, and suggest scanning your pc with it. The free model can carry out guide scans and take away malware. The paid Premium model solely provides computerized background scanning. Malwarebytes is appropriate with Home windows PCs and Macs.

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How are you going to do away with about:clean?

You may’t truly undo or take away about:clean. It’s a part of your net browser and can all the time be there underneath the hood. Nevertheless, you by no means have to observe it once more should you do not wish to.

When you all the time see about:clean each time you open your net browser, and you favor to see your browser’s New Tab web page or some other net web page, all it’s important to do is change your net browser’s dwelling web page.

In Google Chrome, go to menu > Settings. Scroll right down to the “On Startup” part and choose “Open New Tab Web page” or take away about:clean from webpages that open on startup and select your favourite webpage.

Removing about:blank home page from Chrome

In Mozilla Firefox, click on menu > Choices > Begin. Choose your required dwelling web page for brand new home windows and new tabs. Make sure that “Envelope: Clean” or “Clean Web page” just isn’t chosen right here.

Stop Firefox from opening with blank windows

In Apple Safari on a Mac, click on Safari > Preferences > Common. Underneath Homepage, take away “about:clean” and enter your required homepage.

Disable about:blank in Safari on macOS Catalina

In Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, click on menu > Settings > On startup. Choose “Open a brand new tab” or take away about:clean from the record of pages that Edge opens whenever you begin it.

Removing about:blank from the start pages of the new Microsoft Edge

In Web Explorer, you possibly can change this from the Web Choices window. (After all, you should not be utilizing Web Explorer anymore. Even Microsoft recommends that you just depart IE behind. However it could nonetheless be mandatory for some older enterprise purposes and different legacy software program.)

Click on the gear-shaped menu button and choose “Web Choices.” Take away “about:clean” from the house web page field on the prime of the Common panel. Enter the deal with of the specified dwelling web page.

Prevent Internet Explorer from opening with about:blank

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What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It?