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Mega Blaziken is coming to Mega Raids in Pokémon Go. Luckily, right here at iMore we’ve got every little thing it’s worthwhile to know to beat it and add this highly effective new Mega Pokemon to your roster.

Who’s Mega Blaziken in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon 257 Blaziken Mega

(Picture credit score: The Pokemon Firm)

The mega evolution of the Gen III fireplace starter, Mega Blaziken, is a extremely anticipated mega Pokémon. Blaziken is already a helpful Pokémon that has appeared at many occasions, together with Group Day. As a Hearth-type, it’s able to dealing much more injury per second than Mega Charizard Y, and as a Combating-type, it comes near Mega Lucario.

In Pokémon Go, Mega Blaziken additionally represents the primary helpful Combating-type Mega. Mega Lopunny is cute, certain, nevertheless it does not final as lengthy or hit as arduous. It is a raid you will wish to prioritize, so remember to take a look at our greatest Pokemon Go equipment, so that you’re absolutely outfitted.

mega counters

pokemon go mega energy

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There are a handful of choices for Mega Evolving when countering Mega Blaziken, concentrating on just a few of its weaknesses: Flying-type, Floor-type, Water-type, and Psychic-type.

Mega Latios

Pokemon 381 Mega Latios

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Mega Latios is one of the best performing Mega Pokémon on this raid. As a Dragon and Psychic sort, it resists Hearth and Combating sort injury and has no weaknesses that Mega Blaziken can exploit. If you happen to add Mega Latios to your staff, he ought to know zen headbutt Y Psychic.

Mega Alakazam

Pokemon 065 Alakazam Mega

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If you cannot afford the costly Mega Legendary, Mega Alakazam is the subsequent best choice. It’s a pure Psychic sort, so Mega Latios can’t make the most of its weaknesses and resists Combating-type injury. Confusion Y Psychic they’re the best moveset for Alakazam on this battle.

mega blastoise

Pokemon 009 Mega Blastoise

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For a water-based offense, Mega Blastoise is a wonderful choice. It’s a pure Water sort, so it resists Hearth-type injury and has no related weaknesses. If you happen to’re including Mega Blastoise to your staff, you need you to know Water gun Y water cannon.

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